Sixbells  Into  Darkness

DOB 7/17/13; AKC/ASCA; 19"; MDR1 m/n; HC clear; red factored

Rain is a 2nd. generation home grown girl. She has the sweetest personality of all my guys. She has had two beautiful litter and is a BET gene carrier.
Timberline Bindi Lou Of Southwind

Sire: Timberline Carhartt
Dam: Timberlines Silver Tinsel

Spayed and retired
Sixbells  Saurian  Brandy


Sire: Sixbells Engage! CGC OA AXJ AXP MJP NF NFP
Dam: Sixbells Imzadi NA NAJ NAP NJP

Spayed and retired, wonderful pups, two of her daughters can be seen on my other pages. And her last litter produced several BETs.
Sixbells One “Trek” Mind

DOB 11/24/12; 18"; AKC; MDR1 n/n; HC clear
BET producer 

Sire: Crim's Taylor Made Blue Assets
Dam: Freestyles Sheza Kentucky Lady

Kira is a female I purchased, she has BET bloodlines and hoping they come thru. She is a blue merle with only white markings, and she has produced bi's in all her litter.  She is not red factored.
Timberline Too Hot Too Handle

DOB 3/11/12; AKC; 18" MDR1 n/n; HC clear

Sire: Timberline's Jessie James
Dam: Timberline's Blue Firebird

Spayed and Retired
Sixbells  Delta  Rising

DOB 5/15/2014: AKC/ASCA; red factored; 19 1/2": BET; clear genetic profile thru parents

Sire: Freestyles Harley Davidson
Dam: Miss Abbey Rose

Willow has out done herself with the litters she has produced. Four BET's in her first litter and waiting to see with her current litter.
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